Write Around the World: A Nerdy Tour of Boston

Nerd one whose unbridled passion for something,

or things,

defines who they are as  a person,

without fear of other people’s judgement.

Zachary Levi

When I travel alone, I tend to find quite nerdy things to do that perhaps others may not find interesting or exciting. Bookstores, book cafes, libraries, universities, galleries, and museums are on my radar. In cities, I walk an average of 14 to 20km a day as I seek out these nerdy places on foot. I take my camera, phone, purse, and a curious attitude, and I’m off.

My accommodation was The College Club of Boston on Commonwealth Avenue, an elegant location and a building filled with history. It was established in the late 1800s and is the oldest women’s college club in the United States.

Each room was recently renovated and uniquely redesigned by a different local designer and all feature vintage charm with modern convenience. Located in Boston’s historic Back Bay, The Club is within walking distance of the Theater District, Beacon Hill, the Public Garden, and Boston Common.


I haven’t stayed in Boston before, so I rode the Boston Trolley to get the lay of the land on the first day. It gives you a good overview of the city the first time you visit.

On Boston Common, the Make Way for Ducklings statues of Mrs. Mallard leading her famous brood inspired by Robert McCloskey’s classic children’s book about the duck family that makes its home in Boston’s Public Garden were very popular.

I took myself to the Bull & Finch Pub that inspired the 80’s TV show, Cheers in Beacon Hill. The food was hearty and the atmosphere was cosy but, no one knew, or asked, my name!


The Boston Public Library was beautiful. The lions at the top of the steps at the entrance were stunning.

The rest of my days were spent walking around the city visiting churches, shops, bookstores,  Harvard University and walking the Freedom Trail.


On Earth Day, I walked into the ultimate nerdy protest on Boston Common. Scientists, students, and citizens protested the cuts to the science budget and changes to environmental laws under the Trump Administration. I had a lot of fun chatting to people about why they were there. The atmosphere was more thoughtful and fun than angry and I had a great time reading the signs people constructed. As I moved through the crowd, I arrived at the stage and was standing right by the speakers–this was my  Forrest Gump moment!



To celebrate the end of my solo trip in Massuchussetts, I decided to go Eataly for dinner. I sat at the bar surrounding the chef’s area and watched them cook on the wood-fired grill. The food was so good. The mushrooms were divine, the chicken to die for and the free digestif at the end (the waiter felt sorry for me I think!) was a the icing on the cake. I waddled back to the University Club, sated by the food my nerdy activities in Boston.

It was only a short stay, but made the most of it.

I left Boston, inspired to keep my nerd status intact!

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