One Hundred Day Creative Challenge: Something Fresh

The One Hundred Day Creative Challenge: Day 2


Day 2- doing new things

We all love something new. New makes me think of something fresh. Something shiny. Something exciting.

When it comes to creative expression or inspiration, trying something new or approaching something with a fresh approach often sparks something new within us.

Something that causes us to glow with ideas, grab a pen and start writing or drawing or to begin a conversation that begins a new phase of a relationship.  Something that Elizabeth Gilbert terms Big Magic. 

I find attending writing retreats, meeting new people, reading (everything!), listening to podcasts, vision boards, lighting a candle and following my curiosity leads me to fresh, new, shiny, exciting sparks of inspiration.


If you’re looking for something fresh, why not try a few of the ideas below. You might just find the inspiration you need.

Here’s a list of things to experiment with:

  1. Read in a new genre.

  2. Write morning pages

  3. go on a creative retreat

  4. Meet new people

  5. Read everything!

  6. Listen to podcasts like Conversations with Richard Fidler

  7. Make a vision board

  8. Light a candle

  9. Make appointments for adventure

  10. Be still

  11. Build a creative community

  12. Get out of your comfort zone 

  13. eat like an Italian

  14. switch off

  15. Take a road trip

  16. Create and collaborate

  17. Make travel plans

  18. Take a risk

  19. Let go and believe

  20. Give yourself permission to be creative


There are so many ways we can be inspired, but I think we just need to dedicate ourselves to the pursuit of creativity, not perfection. If we think something has to be perfect we avoid doing it or stress out too much. Creating for creativity’s sake means we have freedom. In the process we may just find that we create something beautiful. Even if it doesn’t impress anyone else. Even if it doesn’t get published. Even if it isn’t hung in a museum. Even if it’s not played on radio.

Try something new or do something old in a new way. You just may surprise yourself. You may find a spark of joy and inspiration you thought you’d lost.


Have fun!


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